Multi Moments in Time Challenge Results 2019

Thank you to all those who participated in the 2019 Challenge! A total of 10 registered teams made a combined 38 valid submissions. Each team was allowed to make one submission per day and a maximum of 10 total over the entire competition. Teams were ranked based on the score of their best submission. The score was computed using the mean average precision (mAP) over the full test set. The 2019 winners are listed below:

  1. Efficient (0.6077)
  2. Alibaba-AIC (0.6051)
  3. Speedy (0.5810)

Congratulations to all the teams! See below for the official leaderboard and submission reports.
Reports are informal essays optionally submitted by the participants, for academic exchange only, which are neither considered as proceeding papers nor publications.

Rank Team Name mAP Score
1 Efficient [report] 0.6077
2 Alibaba-AIC [report] 0.6051
3 Speedy [report] 0.5810
4 SNUVL-RIPPLE [report] 0.4858
5 I3D Binary Cross Entropy Baseline 0.4775
6 Thingvellir 0.4619
7 Ngin 0.4535
8 Cerebra 0.4466
9 Deepcs 0.0131
10 Emckwon 0.0037